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From local Gristmill, to... Popular Gathering Place... 

Once the site of Park Smith’s gristmill, where lumber was cut and farm implements repaired, Peabody’s began as the local fruit market in 1946.  It was Peabody’s Market, a thriving family-run market that served as grocer to its surrounding communities for twenty-nine years.  Miles of apple, peach and pear orchards, maintained by Stan and Louise Peabody, combined with their hard-work and fortitude, were the “venture capital” that started Peabody’s...

In 1975, son, Jim Peabody, who always wanted to create a relaxing local upscale restaurant, turned the infamous barn structure into Peabody’s Fine Foods And Wet Goods.  His daughters, Nancy, Susan and Barbara, along

with head chef, Roger Sutton, joined Jim in this new endeavor.  The restaurant was a welcomed gathering spot in the growing city and became the destination place for quality food and a good time. 

In 1980, a fire swept through the historic Peabody barn.  It was a tragedy for the family and the community of local patrons.  What didn’t perish, were Peabody’s structure and solid foundation.  Its foundation: enduring values—earnestness, innovation, and loyalty, which for three generations served as trusted groundings for a Peabody tradition of social excellence.  In six months, Peabody’s Restaurant was up and running.

Inspired by ambition and vision of a dedicated father, Jim Peabody, Nancy, Susan, and Barbara Peabody share their passion for hospitality with Metro Detroit, as this local landmark continues to be a Metro Detroit distinguished destination.


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